Currently Exhibiting

22nd Annual City of Marion Community Art Exhibition

25 November – 6 January

Every year, in collaboration with the City of Marion, Gallery M hosts the Community Art Exhibition. Allowing a space for residents of the City of Marion to exhibit their art in an exciting and varied group show.

Exhibition Opening 
2pm Saturday 25 November

Image: ‘The Commute’ by Scott Oakes, winner of the 21st Annual City of Marion Community Art Exhibition’s Most Outstanding Artwork in Any Media

Upcoming Exhibitions

Visual Discourse

12 January – 4 February

‘Visual Discourse’ is the first Red House Group Inc. member’s exhibition of 2024, to the theme of storytelling.

If you’re interested in learning more about Red House Group Inc (RHG) and opportunities for artist’s through RHG, click here to learn more

Exhibition Opening
6pm Friday 12 January
Gallery will be open 5:30-8:30pm

Image: ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (detail)’ by Liza Merkalova

Strange Notions

9 February – 3 March

Strange Notions:
a fanciful conception or impression of the experienced and imagined.

This exhibition of representational and conceptual works of fibre art is about the intense spirit reflected in and associated with the individual artist’s chosen subject matter. The theme, Strange Notions, has the potential to delve into rich resources. From the tangible to the non-tangible, the personal to the communal, Strange Notions yields critical reflections and thoughtful projections from the artists.

Within the context of a group of women who have learned about each other, their lives, their histories and interests Strange Notions frames an exploration of the unknown, the strange, the paradoxical, the inconsistent and the humorous faced/ or confronted in daily life.

Every artwork is imbued with its own story, a celebration of difference in the combination of fibres and techniques to produce works reflecting the theme of the exhibition, each interrelating with the structure or state of another within the narrative. Each artwork vibrates within the storyline, reacts to its scale and personality and seems to socialize and interrelate within the space, yet each keeping its identity.

Exhibition Opening
6pm Friday 9 February
Gallery will be open 5:30-8:30pm

Image: ‘Waiting, waiting’ by Rhonda Nelson

2024 exhibition timetable

Gallery M is a versatile exhibition venue, that can have multiple exhibitions running concurrently.

This is achieved by utilising large free standing walls, that can be configured to create quarter, half or whole gallery spaces.