Three Friends – One Passion

Traditional, contemporary & abstract artworks by

Pene Bilsborough, Susan Jenkins & Gillian Keelan


continuing until 28 June

These three friends have come together to display their art – a very eclectic presentation, with a diversity of genres, in mediums ranging through pastels, watercolours, acrylics, oils and acrylics with resin finish.

Pene Bilsborough is a writer of short stories and poetry, and most of Pene’s paintings take on the symbolism of her story-telling. “My paintings are mainly for my own pleasure, but I am thrilled to find that others take pleasure in them as well,” Pene says.

Tutoring with various well known artists, a short course on watercolours, plus inspiration from videos and books has allowed Pene, in turn, to conduct classes for aspiring artists. Pene has paintings represented in: SA, Tas, Qld, NSW, Florida (USA) and California (USA). She is a member of PASA and the Red House Group at Gallery M.

Susan Jenkins developed a passion for art from watching her mother, who was also an artist. She decided to experiment with abstract designs, developing her own technique of pouring fluid acrylic onto canvas, “a technique I believe fully captures the use of fluid acrylics to represent a scene or depict a landscape or just show the fall and flow of the paint,” she says.

Susan has had considerable success with her paintings, currently on display in various venues. “I have a great passion for Art and for learning new techniques. I hope to grow and develop over time as an Artist,” she says Gillian Keelan’s passion for drawing and painting, bequeathed by her father, has become an addiction. “I always have a project in progress,” she said.

Belonging to various art groups has allowed Gillian to exhibit twice. She works mainly with acrylics, but also does smaller paintings with watercolours. Inspiration is taken from photos or other images. “I like using bold, complementary colours, similar to the Fauvisim style,” she said.