Thea Popoff


An exhibition of drawings and paintings in various media South Australian artists
Thea Popoff.


11 February – 6 March 2022 (QUARTER GALLERY)

This is Thea Popoff’s third solo exhibition at Gallery M, and is a member of the South Australian Royal Society of Arts where she was recently awarded a merit prize.

Thea has had an interest in painting and drawing from an early age, encouraged by her father, a jeweller. She studied at O’Halloran Hill TAFE, producing interesting and alternative styles of art. She defines her work as Abstract Realism, using fabrics of information to create her images and her inspiration comes from what she is thinking of at the time.

“My artwork was different because it captures sensuality, not just desire” Thea says. “It is not confrontational, but expression coupled with concept and repetition.” She adds that some of the artworks have darkness.

Thea draws inspiration from images of her friends, some in bold colours, others using the stark contrast of black and white. Thea challenges the accepted notion of beauty and takes us beyond the glamour of fashion and stereotypes. Her portraits, sometimes confrontational because of the intensity of the eyes, fill the frames and engage the viewer.