Straight to the Pool Room


An exhibition celebrating the creativity five emerging artists:
Pascale Sobolewski, Naomi Martin, Sandy Riley, Cath McInnes and Anne Loader.
Curated by Helen Nieuwendijk.


11 February – 6 March 2022 (QUARTER GALLERY)

‘Straight to the Pool Room’ presents a medley of art works that showcases the creative inner workings of a group of six eclectic, local artists. This small group show reveals a diversity of themes that range from figurative through to landscape, the environment and the natural world. For many years these artists have all juggled careers, family, retirement, travel, and more recently pandemic experiences and the occasional Covid lock-down, with their art-making passions!

This group of emerging artists has adopted the title Straight To The Pool Room as they dive in to this, their very first exhibition, curated by their Arts Educator @ Cabin453 Studio, Visual Artist, Writer and Illustrator Helen Nieuwendijk.

The phrase “This is going straight to the pool room!”, is borrowed from our beloved Australian film “The Castle” and suggests amazing treasures of great value that are placed on display for all to see and admire. It has been a quirky mantra adopted by the studio group to signify the approaching completion of an artwork that has been created and crafted thoughtfully over weeks, terms and sometimes longer. And that is when the next funny class motto is often heard that its ”time to step away from the painting!!”

So, if you have unfulfilled creative energy and love art come along and visit this delightful exhibition where you will see that everyone can channel their inner artist.