So the Earth Breathes

Paintings by Kirsten Johnston


3 July – 2 August 2020 – (QUARTER GALLERY)

Kirsten makes these works because of a particular love of the trees that anchor our landscape. The paintings speak of a childhood and adulthood punctuated by such giants. Their myriad situations draw her to explore their forms, both in groups and alone, all the while delving into the colourful and technical opportunities provided by the painting medium.

The magical combination of ink, paper and water allows for a bold exploration of any subject. Kirsten’s mark making includes both sticks from the trees I paint and conventional brushes to manipulate the elements, allowing for a great range of possibilities between the extremes of a hard mark and the lightest of washes.

“The paintings tread the line between realism and abstraction. They are an unfettered response to our country’s bushland and capture something of its messiness and chaos” she says. She hopes, through these works, you can glimpse the majesty of nature and, perhaps, see the trees on your way home in a new, glorious light.