Skillitzaphrenia –Gone Haywire


A quarter gallery exhibition of contemporary glass sculpture by
Stephen Skillitzi


16 April – 9 May (QUARTER GALLERY)

Stephen is an internationally recognized glass artist, based locally at his Brighton studio. He graduated from the National Art School, Sydney in 1966 and gained a Masters Degree in Fine Art, University of Massachusetts, USA. He returned to Australia in 1970 to become one of the pioneers of artistic glass furnace blowing and has been credited to being ‘the Father of Australian Studio Hot Glass’.
Stephen is widely recognized for his defiance of conventional practice and is one of Australia’s most influential glass artists. He delights in challenging the status quo on many levels, with his unorthodox usage of media and technique, and his contemporary but quirky concepts. He states ‘the realms Psychology and Studio Glass are not normally compatible. Indeed crafted Glass is expected to meekly infuse the desire for cerebrally-unchallenging domestically-enhancing Beauty. This latest Skillitzi oeuvre embraces tricky technical virtuosity with a touch of wry humour, which may slide into dark commentaries on current geopolitical innuendo. Enjoy the Mixed-Media narrative-enriched spectacle!’