Red House Group member exhibitions


Each year, the Red House Group holds several exhibitions in Gallery M for members, and sometimes at other venues.

Entry for members is $10 per artwork, usually a limitation of one piece per person. Limits apply to the number of works on display, so members are encouraged to submit their entry forms as soon as possible.

Entry to the member exhibitions is via an Entry From, that is prepared and shared to members several months in advance of the exhibition date.


Red House Group member exhibitions 2022:


13 May – 5 June (WHOLE) ​
‘Snapshots From Life’

The theme for the next Red House Group exhibition takes its inspiration from the photographic snapshot. Moments that record, holidays, adventures, family members, chores, hobbies, favourite foods, objects – anything that you can connect back to your own life.
Artists will be required to create your work to a specific size of 30cm x 40cm, it can be portrait or landscape, framed or unframed but must meet this finished size. 3D objects will be accepted, bases must reference the 30cm x 40cm and be no taller than 40cm. No works outside these dimensions will be accepted.

You can enter one work for $10 or two works for $15 – however if you choose to do two, they must be created in a way that they relate to each other in style and content.