Red House Group member exhibitions


Each year, the Red House Group holds several exhibitions in Gallery M for members, and sometimes at other venues.

Entry for members is $10 per artwork, usually a limitation of one piece per person. Limits apply to the number of works on display, so members are encouraged to submit their entry forms as soon as possible.

Entry to the member exhibitions is via an Entry From, that is prepared and shared to members several months in advance of the exhibition date.


Red House Group member exhibitions 2021:


14 May – 6 June (HALF)

Art is a form of expression. It could be the colours we use, the technique we apply, or even the topic we focus on. This is a chance for Red House Members to get creative and express themselves in their medium of choice. Entry forms need to be returned by Friday 14 May

Download the Entry Form for the exhibition ‘All in the Expression’


3 – 26 September (WHOLE)