Response – making art work
where prose and paint come together

Artwork in various media by David R Taylor


3 July – 2 August 2020 – (QUARTER GALLERY)

David’s exhibition demonstrates, through paintings, drawings and written form, how the creative urge may express and indeed evolve ideas and concepts to fruition. It showcases three strong components of David’s art practice – watercolour travel sketches, mixed media drawings, and poems and verse.

The body of work contains (never exhibited) watercolour images executed as he has travelled, and mixed media drawings demonstrating a response to the immediacy of current affairs. “I consider my paintings and drawings expressive, where the titles also play a pivotal role in anchoring the image” he says. David sees his poems as expressions in word form, where he can explore thoughts and feelings more deeply, and in a way complete the creative loop between poem and painting.

David will also showcase a collection of artist / poet note books supported by photos and hard copy notes that show ideas and development of his artworks and poems; as well as a small collection of artist tools. Some of these tools (that he considers friends) are handmade, some are bought – showing the diversity of tools that help in mark making.