Marking Time


Artworks in various media by Svetlana Elliott, Maré Puksand & Alice Puksand


16 October – 15 November 2020 (HALF GALLERY)

The theme for the three artists in this exhibition was to present their different interpretations of habitats. The simple definition of ‘Habitat’ is … “a natural home of plant or animal, a place of abode”, and this is the dominant theme.

Each artist has drawn from their own imagination and experiences to depict buildings, related structures and their relationship to the marking of time, the environment, and plants and animals that may complement the images.

Their images will “mark time” of a given instant, with each artist using their own style to impart that moment to the viewer. They hope they will evoke an emotional response through the vastness of space, decay, desolation, age, hope, and maybe even an element of fun.

Each artist has her own distinctive style, techniques and imagination, and they have presented works in their preferred choices of media and surfaces – paper, card, canvas etc., embellished with inks, watercolours, acrylics and pastels, plus mixed media.

Maré Puksand uses textured inks and expressive colour and has concentrated on a variety of habitats including cottages, churches, cities, and abandoned buildings. Maré says “by imagination and with a variety of painting materials, it is possible to create artistic images of buildings, whatever their shape”.

Svetlana Elliott employs bold colour, pattern, design and fine details depicting ruins, isolated buildings and related structures and habitats from across the vast continents of Australia; as well as the plants and animals that co-exist there. “I have always been amazed by the people who settled and explored the remote areas” she says. “I hope to depict not only the feelings of abandonment, but also the hope that existed at the time of settlement”.

Alice Puksand uses mixed media, fine line and detail in her work; concentrating on modern and historic church -like buildings. Alice says her greatest inspiration is her grandmother (Maré Puksand). “Growing up, getting to see and be a part of her amazing creations has always inspired me to continue painting”. Alice is very honoured to be part of this exhibition.