Kicking Dust


A quarter gallery exhibition of artworks in various media by
Janette Humble


16 April – 9 May (QUARTER GALLERY)

Kicking Dust celebrates life in the outback areas of Australia. Inspired by our daughter’s recent experiences as a scenic and charter pilot, a mustering pilot and station hand, I have created a body of work that tells the stories and shares the beauty and the wonder of such places. I have heard so many bush stories – tales of humour and courage, resilience, and mateship. I have travelled to these places, met the locals and the passing grey nomads with their own stories to tell, experienced their lives and seen the land. I have felt the heat, witnessed the storms, been wowed by the sunrises, and kicked the dust. This exhibition features works in soft pastels, acrylics and oils.
I am largely self-taught, attending many workshops conducted by artists whose work I admire. Whilst my first and preferred medium is soft pastels, I have recently been attending classes at the Splash out Studios to learn how to paint in oils and acrylics. I hold two solo exhibitions every year, give many demonstrations and participate in group exhibitions. I was recently invited to be a feature artist on the TV series Put Some Colour In Your Life, filmed in my studio.