It’s a Mystery

review: digita
digital art prints 2000 – 2020

by Glenda Bowen


16 October – 15 November 2020 (QUARTER GALLERY)

My studies in Digital Technology began at a course with printmaker Di Longley, who taught me about photopolymer printmaking techniques. A photopolymer plate, also known as a solar plate, is developed under UV light.

Newspaper articles and advertising posters have long provided sources of information and inspiration. I lived in Vienna for five years and was fascinated by the round advertising columns of old Europe. I often photographed these, then later digitally manipulated the images for my work.

In 2013 I bought my first Smart Phone with its Note tool that allowed for sketching. Though designed for business use I experimented freely with this fun technology. Most of the images created during this decade were drawn directly on this device, using it as a tool to explore my social commentary on women’s themes, particularly as I had travelled through Latin America and Europe during these years.

I continue to enjoy the artistic opportunities provided by a home computer and the ever-evolving technologies of our times.

Glenda Bowen