Images of Bush

paintings by Marek Herburt


14 February – 8 March 2020

Marek Herburt was born in Lodz, Poland, and moved to Australia in 1982. His work increasingly reflects a unique awareness of the Australian light on the environment.

Marek’s latest body of work demonstrates his deep fascination with the Australian bush and desert landscape. Painting in a distinct semi-abstracted, impressionistic style with a vibrant palette, he captures the intense and enduring harshness of the Australian landscape. “Despite the harsh climate in country South Australia, the landscape evokes a deep feeling of energy, life and beauty for me” Marek says.

Mallee trees have become central themes in many of his paintings. Wandering throughout South Australia, Marek says he notices these trees are behind every corner, along stretched highways, in small streets and in undisturbed hiding spots around his house.

The vibrant colours in Marek’s paintings are the result of close observation of nature. He uses a technique based on seeing colour through an opposite and contrasting colour. The result is that colours boost each other, creating a dynamic display. The ‘air perspective’ method also comes from the observation of nature. The colours create a perception of space and distance and are a result of what he sees in nature; what he knows about colours in nature; and what works best for the unique depiction in every painting.

This half gallery exhibition features new landscape paintings, some quite large, that continue to highlight Marek’s interest with the energy, life and beauty of the Australian environment.