Flower Abstractions


An exhibition paintings by
Areti Devetzidis


1 – 24 October (QUARTER GALLERY)

In her latest exhibition “Flower Abstraction”, Areti has drawn on the inspiration she gets from spending time in her garden. ‘I cultivated a large crop of Begonias which lit up my shady garden beds, and I was fascinated by the intensity and luminosity of their colour’.

This exhibition is a departure from Areti’s usual focus on figurative paintings, and she exhibited her first flower painting at Gallery M in 2020, a large-scale sunflower which received a great deal of positive feedback. The work was sold at the exhibition and was a catalyst for Areti to begin work on her current flower and nature focus.

‘Creating more abstract images of plants, animals and flowers has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on the important issue of climate change and the steady decline of the planet’. Flower Abstractions is the result of many months in the studio and her garden. Areti gained her PHD in May 2017, her thesis topic explored paintings of the Greek War of Independence by the brilliant 19th French painter, Eugene Delacroix and has been influential in her approach to her own work.