how to exhibit


Gallery M is available for visual arts exhibitions for groups, individuals or community projects. The usual period for exhibitions is approximately four weeks.

Gallery M implements a balanced annual program of a diverse range of artwork featuring a broad range of artistic disciplines, with equality between innovative contemporary and traditional exhibitions.

Exhibits must meet the standards of the Gallery M Exhibition Committee. The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to reject work not consistent with gallery policy.

To exhibit, please submit an Exhibition Proposal on the form (below), and include images of current work to be exhibited and a separate statement about the theme / concept of the exhibition. This will be assessed by the Exhibition Committee, who meet monthly. When the initial proposal has been assessed, the exhibitor will be contacted and asked to bring in actual examples of their artwork for the next committee meeting.

Once the Exhibition Committee has accepted a proposal, an Exhibition Agreement is sent to the exhibitor. This clearly states to rules and conditions of exhibiting, the exhibition dates and other relevant information. It also states the amount to be paid and the deposit and balance due dates. If the artist accepts and signs this agreement, and pays the deposit, then the exhibition is confirmed.


Gallery M is now accepting proposals for spaces on the 2023 exhibition calendar


Download a Proposal form to exhibit at Gallery M

Download General Information and Terms of Use for Gallery M exhibitions