Eclectic Whimsy


An exhibition of fused glass by
Leanne Mitton, Wendy Robertson & Jacqui Weber


1 – 24 October (HALF GALLERY)

Three local artists Wendy Robertson, Leeanne Mitton and Jacqui Weber get together for Eclectic Whimsy “Three artists – One medium. Different perspectives in aesthetic, design & colour, from bijou to dramatic; this is Eclectic Whimsy”.

Having a fascination with glass that started at a young age, artist Jackie Weber takes her inspiration from the world around her, other artists, and the qualities of the material itself.

After she was taught the art of glass fusing, Jackie was hooked on using glass in her art practice. In 2012 she bought a kiln and set up a studio in her garage, where she could continue to explore the colours, gloss and softness that working with glass afforded.

Leanne Mitton is a successful SA glass artist who has been awarded multiple prizes for her glasswork. Having dabbled with other artforms such as painting, drawing, writing, and sculpture. Working with glass has become her preferred technique and she considers glass a ‘magic medium’. Leanne particularly enjoys the way the material reacts under the dynamic forces of heat or from the shape of a mould.

For eclectic whimsy Leanne has ‘painted’ with glass to create images and pictures that are individual and unique. Each work can tell a story, capture a moment, or evoke memory.

Wendy Robertson has a passion for all art and craft forms, and has used painting, drawing, screen printing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, and enamelling in various ways to express herself over the years. Inspired by the colour and technique of artists like Bernard Hesling, Jackson Pollack, Gustav Klimt, Ken Done and Pro Hart to name a few.

Wendy’s experience with a broad range of media and techniques, including enamelling, silk painting, and shibori has influenced the way that she now works with her chosen media glass. Wendy references her love of textiles to create new ‘textiles’ with the glass can be deconstructed, reinvented, and structured into new forms in a way akin to fabrics and textiles.

The work exhibited in Eclectic Whimsy incorporate past and present interests and reflects Wendy’s positive approach to lifelong learning.