contemporary textiles by Val Giles & Prue Wheal


14 February – 8 March 2020

This exhibition features collaborative and individual Art Quilts, textile & fibre arts by Val Giles and Prue Wheal. By showing their work, they hope to increase the understanding of viewers and the general public that quilts are not only functional, but can be works of art. They also believe that Art Quilts deserve more credibility in the artistic world.

Val and Prue’s collaborative quilts span approximately 8 years of their working together. Although their styles are quite different, they find they complement each other. It also demonstrates the benefits of growing and improving their artistic skills together.
Val Giles’ background includes many years teaching painting in various Community clubs. In 1998 her journey into quilting started, and a love affair with fabric took hold. Many awards have followed, both here and overseas.

“I don’t feel I have any particular style as I like to experiment and use whatever technique suits the subject I choose, which can be anything from portraits to ocean views and everything in between” Val says.

Prue Wheal’s artistic journey only commenced a relatively short time ago in about 2004. Since learning to make traditional quilts, her interests have evolved to try different genres of art quilting and fabric art.

“Currently my interest is in painting fabric, hand dyeing fabric, abstract art and modern quilting as well as the quilted collages in which I collaborate with Valerie Giles” Prue says. Prue has been fortunate to have quilts exhibited internationally and to have won some ribbons from overseas events.