An exhibition of artworks in various media relating to the title ‘Bundle’, by the
Plaits Group


9 July – 1 August (HALF GALLERY)

The definition of the term ‘plait’ is the joining together of several twisting and intertwining parts. This seemed the ideal name for the group of artists who began to meet regularly to balance out the isolation of working alone in their studios. This regular time, usually one morning each month, proves invaluable; a time to share, brainstorm solutions to works in progress, impart skills and critique others’ work. The friendships that have grown with that process are a bonus.

The Plaits group, Helen Dorsman, Kathryn Hill, Jann Makepeace, Sandra Tredwell and Liz Yates, has now been exhibiting together for some years, sharing an interest in contemporary approaches to art practice, and using various methods and materials in their explorations. Out of these meetings grew the desire to exhibit regularly as a group, alongside other individual exhibiting commitments. Plaits members enjoy setting themselves the challenge of working to a succinct and stimulating single-word theme; past exhibitions have been titled thicket, containment, raft, and chair.

This latest exhibition explores the curious word bundle. Four of the members of Plaits (Jann, Makepeace, Liz Yates, Sandra Tredwell and Kathryn Hill) offer their interpretations of this intriguing theme, using different media including painting, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, embroidery, and weaving. The group has also worked together on larger bundles which feature as an installation in the gallery.