All in the Expression


An exhibition of works in various media by members of the
Red House Group Inc


11 June – 4 July (HALF GALLERY)

This is a half gallery exhibition, and features artwork in various media by members of the Red House Group Inc. The Red House Group is a not-for-profit artist managed group, that that acts as a focus for art and cultural activities for all individuals and other artist groups in the City of Marion council area and its surrounding region.

The theme for this exhibition relates to the title ‘All in the Expression’. Art is a form of expression, it could be the colours we use, the technique we apply, or even the topic we focus on. With approximately 65 artists taking part in this exhibition, their works will cover a wide variety of styles and mediums to express themselves. As well as paintings in oil, watercolour & acrylic; there is photography, mixed media and textiles. 3D work showcases mosaics, glass & ceramics, sculpture, porcelain painting and jewellery.
Each year members are given several opportunities to show their work in Gallery M, reaching a wide audience from visitors to the Marion Cultural Centre.

Over 1,700 artists have joined the group since its inception, with approximately 300 artists maintaining current membership in any given year. The group manages Gallery M on behalf of the City of Marion.

New members are always welcome. For information about becoming involved with the Red House Group, talk to Gallery M staff.