A Decade On

Textiles & mixed media by the Class Act Collective


11 September – 11 October – (HALF GALLERY)

Ten years ago our mobile phones only made phone calls, we used cameras to take photos, and we told our cars where to go rather than the other way around.

Ten years ago a group of women who value textiles more than chocolate met at Marden Senior College while studying textile art, and decided to form Class Act Collective.

A lot has changed since then, there are counselling services for social media addicts, the name of the prime minister is too hard a question for a quiz, and there are more milks than coffee options to choose from at the deli.

In this exhibition, the artists from Class Act Collective are exploring change over these 10 years. Whether it is change in our natural world, political world, or individual worlds, is up to each artist. But one thing is constant, they still love textiles more than chocolate, and value highly the friendship, encouragement and support they all enjoy by being members of Class Act Collective.

The artists are Chris Beck, Lynette Brown, Sue Lockton, Trish Harding, Penny Henschke, Pam Kelly, Cynthia Perry, Anne Quigley, Dianne Wood, Jenny Gunson & Rosemary Rodrigues