A Dash of Pink


an exhibition of contemporary textiles by members of the Fibre Artist Network (FAN)


20 November – 20 December 2020 (WHOLE GALLERY)

This whole gallery exhibition brings together over 30 textile artists who work in a range of styles. All work can vary in size. Work is in the form of wall hangings or framed canvasses and some 3D work, and includes techniques such as embellishments, printing, stamping, painting, fabric collage, machine and hand stitching, as well as fabric manipulation or distortion.

These artists are passionate about textile arts, and enjoy exploring colours and use fibre, fabric, thread and stitch in varied ways. Some also use dye, paint, beads and unusual found objects to embellish their work.

The artists were given the theme of ‘a dash of PINK’ to ignite their imagination and to create bold, original pieces of work. They have interpreted this wide and diverse subject in their own unique style.
This exhibition shows different styles of textile art, and how individual artists use similar techniques to achieve quite varied effects. To provide cohesion the artists agreed that all works must have a dash of PINK.

Some of the artists are current and former students from accredited vocational courses run at Marden Senior College; others are well-known textile artists who have exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. They continue to develop their art practice through attendance at workshops and participation in public exhibitions; many also belong to other organisations such as local Guilds, RSASA, SAQA and the T’Arts Collective. Some are professional art teachers or people who run classes and workshops locally and interstate.

The Fibre Artists Network (FAN) is informally structured members gather at least four times each year. Artists often work in isolation and therefore FAN meetings provide a vital opportunity for networking and keeping in touch with what is happening locally and in the wider world of textile arts. At the meetings members show their work, discuss challenges and concerns, offer reports on textile and art books, resources, recent exhibitions and other activities. This group came together nearly twenty years ago and FAN has continued to host workshops and arrange group exhibitions since its inception. Suzanne Gummow is the convenor of this group.