18 May - 10 June



together, in one, in company

artworks in various media to celebrate and showcase local artists during Reconciliation week. The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2018 is 'Don't keep history a mystery'.

Kumangka: Together, in One, in Company is an art exhibition in various media to celebrate and showcase local artists during Reconciliation Week 2018. Reconciliation is about unity and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous Australians.

National Reconciliation Week was first celebrated in 1996, and runs each year from May – June, with the key dates being 27 May: Anniversary of the 1967 referendum, and 3 June: Mabo Day – Anniversary of the High Court judgment on the Mabo case.  A formal apology was also made to Australia's Indigenous peoples in 2008.  The theme for Reconciliation Week 2018 is ‘Don’t keep history a mystery’.

A feature of this exhibition will be an installation consisting of branches and hand painted gum leaves created by artist Daphne Rickett.  Visitors to the gallery will also be able to add to the installation with their own hand painted art leaves, or their reconciliation message.

Text Me

artworks in various media, featuring elements of text
by members of the
Red House Group Inc

This is a half gallery exhibition, and features artwork in various media by members of the Red House Group Inc. The group is a not for profit, artist managed organisation that was initiated in the early 1990’s.

The theme for this exhibition relates to the title ‘Text Me’ – all the artwork must include an element of text. Text may be handwritten, signage, newsprint etc. in any language or character (but not just a signature).  Approximately 55 artists are showing their artwork.

Members work in a wide variety of styles; as well as paintings in oil, watercolour & acrylic; there is photography, mixed media and textiles. 3D work showcases mosaics, glass & ceramics, sculpture, porcelain painting and jewellery. 

Each year members are given several opportunities to show their work in Gallery M, reaching a wide audience from visitors to the Marion Cultural Centre.

Over 1,580 artists have joined the group since its inception, with approximately 300 artists maintaining current membership in any given year. The group manages Gallery M on behalf of the City of Marion.

New members are always welcome. For information about becoming involved with the Red House Group, talk to Gallery M staff.