17 May - 9 June


UnCommon Ground

Indigenous Australian artworks from Private Collection, Adelaide
Curated by Sophie Green

Invitation image by  (The late) Cecil Johnson Japangardi, Warlpiri, Lajamanu N.T., Wanakiji or Ngayaki Jukurrpa (’Bush Tomato’ or Wild Tomato’ Dreaming)
c.1988, acrylic on canvas, 92x60cm; Private Collection, Adelaide © the artist, © courtesy Warnayaka Art, Lajamanu

This year’s National Reconciliation Week exhibition at Gallery M, titled Uncommon Ground, features a variety of Indigenous Australian two- and three-dimensional artworks. Most of these works are from a private collection in Adelaide and were created in the 1980s by Warlpiri artists living in Lajamanu in the Tanami Desert, Northern Territory. The exhibition’s conceptual focus on conciliation refers to a process which involves Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people walking together for the first time as genuinely equal partners in a shared future.

The notion of reconciliation can sometimes assume that Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians are re-uniting, which often dismisses truths surrounding the ongoing displacement, coercion and violence against Indigenous Australians by non-Indigenous Australians, which has never allowed for unity. Alternatively, conciliation opens up a conversation about Australia’s ongoing imperialist and racist issues, whilst recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ consistent resistance to colonial strategies. The 2019 National Reconciliation Week theme; ‘Grounded in Truth - Walk Together with Courage’ speaks directly to this, highlighting the importance of acknowledging truth and looking towards a brighter future.

The works of several prominent Indigenous Australian artists featured in this exhibition, including Kathleen Petyarre, Louie Pwerle, Cecil Johnson Japangardi, Ralph Nganjmirra and Ian Abdulla (among others), showcase the complexity and diversity of Indigenous Australian peoples’ experiences on country. This historically important exhibition aims to celebrate the artists whose fine artworks have played a significant role in maintaining the world's oldest continuing artistic tradition.



A chance to discuss the exhibition with
Dr Christine Nicholls & Exhibition Curator Sophie Green in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Free entry, all welcome

Postcards from the HeArt

postcard size artworks in various media by members of the
Red House Group Inc

This half gallery exhibition features artwork in various media by members of the Red House Group Inc. The unique requirement for the exhibitors was that all works must be “postcard” size, with the designated dimensions of 5” x 7”. All artists were invited to submit up to three small sized artworks, based on their personal response to the aspect of the title ‘from the heART.’

This size stipulation will create a diverse display, with over 190 mini artworks on show. The artists were not limited to just paintings – artists working in other media such as drawing, printmaking or photography have attached their artwork to the supplied 5” x 7” artboards. Ceramic, glass and timber items have been created to be displayed as a 2D panels, matching the dimensions of the hanging artworks. Textile artists have also been inventive, either crafting 5” x 7” fabric pieces, or attaching works in fibre media to a mini panel.

An added benefit to visitors is that the works are displayed unframed, making them very affordable. They are also a perfect compact size for overseas travellers.

The Red House Group is a not for profit, artist managed organisation that was initiated in the early 1990’s. Over 1,600 artists have joined the group since that time, with approximately 300 artists maintaining current membership in any given year. The group is celebrating its twenty five year anniversary in 2019.

New members are always welcome. For information about becoming involved with the Red House Group, talk to Gallery M staff.

The Red House Group proudly manages Gallery M on behalf of the City of Marion