15 February - 10 March


Colours in my Palette

a half gallery exhibition ofwatercolours by
Alan Louis

Alan was born in Singapore and his artistic talent was apparent at an early age. He attended watercolour painting classes at La Salle School of the Arts in Singapore, and learned a lot about the craft of handling watercolour painting from some of Singapore’s most eminent watercolour artists.

His professional career began as an interior designer, and he ran an interior design consultancy in Singapore for 20 years before moving to Adelaide in early 2007, where he and his family now reside.

Alan paints mainly with water colours on paper. He says “Painting is my way of expressing how I appreciate life and the beauty that I see in even the most ordinary and mundane things. Whether I am painting a street scene, river scene, people, landscapes, flowers, even a single leaf, I derive joy and satisfaction from being able to freely express my own interpretations of what I perceive, guided only by my emotions and innermost feelings.”

Alan works as a full time watercolour artist, winning many awards for his paintings; as well as conducting classes, workshops and demonstrations. More recently he has created video tutorials that are available to view on TV or DVD.


Alan will explain watercolour techniques, and show how to create a painting,
starting from a light wash through to the finished artwork.
Free entry, all welcome

The Way

a quarter gallery exhibition of contemporary paintings by
Milena Malbasic

Milena is a self-taught artist, who explores different subjects and styles.She grew up in Croatia, but in year 12 at high school civil war started in her country, and she became refugee for nine years.

After moving to Australia, she got the chance to live a normal life again, and studied Chemistry at University of South Australia. During that time she also took a drawing course for six months. Now employed part-time in the University of Adelaide Biochemistry and Genetic Research Laboratory, she has more time to pursue her passion for painting.

 Milena creates her paintings from her imagination, rather than specific scenes. Her inspiration comes from experiences such as reading books, travel and her spiritual view of world. “Each of the paintings are a journey of happiness” Milena says.

 She sees her landscapes in the exhibition in three ways:

  • The Way to self–awareness, reflection and clarity of thoughts
  • The Way to spiritual enlightenment and peacefulness
  • The Way to excitement of unknown, mystery and magic


A chance to talk to Milena about her work in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Free entry, all welcome


a quarter gallery exhibition with 
paintings by Hugh Adamson& photography by David Baker

Hugh Adamson and David Baker are presenting work at the leading edge of their painting / artistic careers; with works are contemplative and reflective.

Hugh's works will be enlargements of figure / face sketches produced from life drawings converted into large paintings in a tall, thin format. He says “Ideas inherent in these pieces include: removing the role of photographs for inspiration, maintaining a purity of artwork from the original marks of graphite pencil, to the final marks of the brush, allowing ‘serendipitous’ mistakes and working with them, keeping things"

David's work is digitally enhanced pieces of vivid colour interpreted from the original natural world forms photographically combing the analogue and digital worlds. He says “When I observe art I look for stories: I get up close and ‘taste’ it. When I make art and photographs I create stories, relationships between the shapes, lines, colours, light and shade. My photography and paintings are dynamic, energetic and opportunistic; close cropped, sometimes exploring the macro world with underworlds of texture.


A chance to take to Hugh & David, and watch them create their artwork
in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Free entry, all welcome.