27 October - 17 November2017


Burst of Colour

an exhibition of porcelain by Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers SA Inc
paintings in various media by Trevor Newman and selected students

This exhibition is a clever combination of 2D and 3D artwork, painted by artists working at a very high standard. The paintings are by well-known artist and teacher Trevor Newman, along with work by some of his students.  The hand painted porcelain in a range of decorative styles has been created by members of the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers (SA) Inc. (APAT) and the South Australian China Painter's Association. (SACPA).

Porcelain painting is an art form of overglaze decoration where white porcelain is transformed into an item of beauty, using powdered mineral pigments and kiln firing to 800 degrees Celsius. Traditional and contemporary styles are created by using enamels, gilding and lustres, and these artists show that porcelain painting is innovative and forward moving.

Many porcelain painters are also skilled in forming glass slumping and low-fired glass such as lampshades, while others produce porcelain and glass jewellery. There will be a diverse range of items on display.

The porcelain artists have clubrooms at 259 Portrush Road, Norwood, where monthly meetings are held and regular classes are held on Saturday Mornings.

Trevor Newman says one of his greatest rewards is to foster and encourage students of all levels and interests along their creative journey. The student artworks represented in this exhibition highlight their individuality, skill development and the love of painting that we all share.

From 2000 his career and journey as a professional artist has encompassed a broad spectrum of art techniques and mediums. This has enabled Trevor to successfully teach students of all ages at a wide range of institutions and art forums.  He also mentors, judges, presents and leads workshops at home and overseas.

Trevor’s creative abilities and expertise have been acknowledged by the many awards and prizes he has received. His work has been featured in national and international publications and is found in collections worldwide.


See artists demonstrating in the gallery, and learn more about this unique painting techinque

South Australia Fabricated

an exhibition of artworks focussing on textile interpretations of
South Australia by 
The Textilers

The "Textilers" are a group of artists with a passion for textile and fibre arts, who met whilst completing Certificate IV in Visual Arts - Textiles at Marden Senior College in 2012 and 2013. The group continues to meet and exhibit together.

The concept for ‘SA Fabricated’ was to depict a personal response to South Australia using textiles, and those responses have included the celebration of nature, people, landmarks and travel.

The fifteen artists in this exhibition are Chris Bowden, Sue Buxton, Margaret Carberry, Tanya Davies, Rosi Gates, Dianna Holland, Leslie Hurt, Margey Knapp, Christine Linton, Francie Mewitt, Victoria Pitcher, Fran Portolesi, Anne Quigley, Wendy Redden and Sue Whittaker.

Each were free to determine the textile technique and presentation used for this exhibition, and this can be seen in the diversity of their art. Stitch, collage, working with found objects, textile paint, dyes and felting all feature in the exhibits.

While many of the group like to create wall art, others have successfully followed alternative directions and focus on 3D forms such as vessels, structures, and mixed media, as well as “art to wear”. The work holds to a high standard of workmanship without sacrificing innovation of technique.

In expressing their feelings and observations of South Australia, these clever artists show the possibilities of the textiles that are integral to our lives.


2pm, Saturday 28 October: Francie Mewett - Creating texture with stitch
2pm, Saturday 4 November: Wendy Redden -  Vessels made with Ply Spit braiding technique
2pm, Saturday 11 November: Sue Whittaker - Collage