15 March - 7 April



a touring exhibition of contemporary textiles by the
untethered fibre artists inc

Untethered fibre artists inc is an exhibition group, whose focus is to create a new body of fibre based artworks annually; providing a forum for members’ expression and development of fibre art practices.

Formed in 2015, the group originated in NSW and has membership in ACT and the UK, with many members exhibiting both nationally and internationally. As the members work predominately with textile and fibre related mediums, the untethered fibre artists are members of the Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association (ATASDA).

un:Seen is the fourth exhibition by untethered artists in four years. The new title forms part of a poetic interconnected narrative, projected over five years. Each new exhibition builds upon the last, and adds to untethered’s evolution and exploration within the fibre arts.

The projected concept of a fibre exhibition sets its self apart from the traditional – with the unconventional intermixing and intermingling of ideas, through the connectivity of a theme; utilizing, yet unifying, in the different fibre mediums. It encompasses the use of stitch, fibre, fabric, print, found objects and surface design, to create a visually dynamic exhibition.

Through interpretation of the title un:Seen, the artists are making connection to their own practice by additions to their developing body of work and creating two works specifically for this new exhibition.

Emotion, memory, personal and private histories, experience, relationships between people, the environment, the political, the past, the present and the future are referenced in the artists’ un:Seen works. The ‘telling’ is in varied media of choice, perhaps cloth, stitch, felted wool, print, paint, or really whatever the artist considers appropriate and prefers to work with to see their vision/concept realised.

un:Seen works offer insight into that which is hidden, intangible, fleeting and exposed to the gaze of the viewer.

These artworks, by talented and highly skilled artists, entice the audience to share in the responses which reflect on individual experience and interpretation of the exhibition title.


A chance to talk to artists from this exhibition in a relaxed & informal atmosphere.
Free entry, all welcome