16 February - 11 March


Natural Fabrications

an exhibition of textiles & jewellery by
Pen Morrison, Rob Morrison, Jenni Simpson & Niki Waterhouse

This exhibition of predominantly textile works features interpretations of the natural world.   Some pieces are Australian in theme (eg Gouldian Finches), but others show the natural history of other parts of the planet (eg Cacti & Silver Fern). The artists aim to showcase some of the varied forms and diverse nature of living things using traditional and modern needlework and quilting techniques. 

The jewellery displayed in Natural Fabrications is made from naturally occurring materials such as gemstones, pearl shell and Casuarina fruiting ‘cones’. Some pieces feature textile-like finishes, others embody forms from nature. 

Pen Morrison – textile artist.

“Textile art in western culture, unlike many other cultures, is often underrated, but with textiles I can achieve almost any desired effect”. Pen particularly enjoys finding textiles that suit the natural history themes featured in her work. 

Jenni Simpson - textile artist.

Jenni interprets the natural world through appliqué (applied fabric), and free machine sketching. The quilts evolve from the colours, shape and textures of the mostly silk fabrics. The outcomes are usually imaginary. 

Niki Waterhouse – textile artist.

Niki’s inspiration comes from the colour and patterns of the natural world. She uses a combination of hand-dyed and commercial fabrics.

Rob Morrison – silversmith and jeweller.

Silver is a seductive metal to use. Rob loves the beauty of silver as a single element, but studying museum pieces and other work has encouraged him to marry it with gemstones, natural materials and other metals.

MEET THE ARTISTS - 2pm Sunday 4 March

Vulkathunha - Interpretation of Place

an exhibition of artworks in various media relating to Grindells Hut residencies by the pARTpART Collective
Kathryn Hill, Ray Meandering, Barbara Palmer & Robyn Zerna-Russell

These four artists are all recipients of the Grindell’s Hut Artist Residency programme, which supports artists to live at the site of Grindell’s Hut, about 250 kilometres north of Port Augusta. The small hut is situated in the heart of the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park on a hillside with views over the valleys and foothills of the Illinawortina Pound and the Blue Range.

Supported by the Port Augusta City Council, Department for Environment and Heritage, Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park Co- Management Board, Country Arts SA and the Northern Regional Development Board, the artists were commissioned to create new works based on their experience. An exhibition at Yarta Purtli Gallery in Port Augusta in 2016 (Kathryn) and 2017 (Ray, Barb and Robyn) followed the residencies.

For Gallery M, the artists have selected several pieces of work from their residency which feature their unique visual response to the beautiful, dynamic, and rugged landscape encountered during their many walks through creeks, hills, and gorges. 

Kathryn Hill- “conversations with a silent companion” Kathryn spent many hours walking the hills and gorges around the hut, small journeys of thinking and listening. She has used paper, wax, metal, and twine to explore stories of this magical place.

Ray Meandering – “incommensurability”

Ray’s environmental art methodology is constantly reforming; a natural progression of thinking, of meandering, of curious observation, multicellular experimentation and breathless anticipation of the incommensurability of promoting change.

 Barbara Palmer“Rhythm of change and renewal”

Barbara was fascinated by the power of nature in the folded landscape of raised rocks thrust to the surface under intense pressure, creating deep gorges and towering cliffs which exposed oxides and metals. In this harsh landscape, people struggled to survive and to earn a living. Many copper mines were started but the rugged environment made profit unattainable.

Her mixed media paintings and sculpture are not documentary but concerned with colour, layering of textures and rhythms of the terrain, to express something of the essence and atmosphere of the location.

 Robyn Zerna- Russell - “Enduring”

The Vulkathunha-Gammons Ranges demanded an emotional response…from the vast rock walls jutting up from the earth to the aged rolling and folded hills, to the intimate and secluded water holes in the gorges. Walking its many pathways and tracks we became mesmerised by the vast, majestic, and enduring nature of this land, of its uncompromising beauty, and its brooding presence.

 So, this selection of work looks at the rocks and folded landscape of the Gammons as a symbol of the ancient and enduring nature of this land.

MEET THE ARTISTS - 2pm Sunday 25 February