5 - 28 October



artworks by
Maré Puksand & Svetlana Elliott

This exhibition shows differences between things; by placing them against each other within the same image, or in marked contrast to one image against another.

Both artists work in mixed media including pen and ink, washes, textured inks, acrylic paints, to create contrasting effects. Their artwork reflects a contrasting array of places, flora, fauna and designs drawn from the Australian Outback to areas of Europe.  Their artworks are on both paper and canvas, and demonstrate contrasts in style, pattern, texture, and decorative effects.

Maré Puksand is presenting the contrast between the Northern Hemisphere and our warm southern climate. She views both areas – the red sand and mountains – a sense of timelessness and vast space in the Australian outback compared to the Northern European green summers and snow covered winter scapes. Maré manipulates wet, glossy paper, adds coloured ink, crinkles a variety of papers and presses them on paper. When dry, it enables her to provide texture for the paintings. She uses warm colours against cool, soft edges against hard, rough textures against smooth. She calls her paintings ‘Textured Inks’

Svetlana Elliott had a career in teaching as a specialist art teacher in primary schools. She is now retired, and enjoying travelling to areas in outback Australia where she derives much of her current inspiration and interest in colour, form, texture etc. Svetlana work in a variety of styles – highly decorative pieces which concentrate on colour, pattern and design using images of animals, reptiles and insects; to detailed studies of birds, and insects, reptiles and animals. She also creates more abstract pieces where colour and texture are the major focus.

MEET THE ARTISTS - 2pm Sunday 14 October
Free entry, all welcome

Spirit of Place

artworks in various media by
Mem Graham, Andie Marten, Isobel McGarry & Wendy Wright

These four artists have a close personal and working relationship, and settled on ‘place’ as the theme for this exhibition. They brainstormed ideas: place as a destination or a place of origin, dangerous places or places of refuge, sacred places, exposed places, secret places, celestial or terrestrial places: urban, suburban or rural.

Each artist has taken this theme and applied their own interpretation; ranging from abstract, metaphysical, emotional and historical to actual places with personal connections. Techniques include textiles and stitch, bookbinding, printmaking and other works on paper as well as large hangings, 3D vessels and containers.

Mem Graham (work above right) works with mixed media and textiles, including stitching, handmade paper and printing. She is inspired by the elements of line and texture, working intuitively with no preconceived ideas. She likes the unpredictability that this process achieves.

Isobel McGarry (left) has always seen cloth as a narrative, a way of telling a story or recording an experience or event. Using silk, cotton and thread, she loves the meditative sate of hand stitching, through the long hours of work with needle and thread.

Andie Marten (right) cannot remember a time in her life when she didn’t sew, draw, paint or construct. She has devoted herself to the exploration of textiles and a myriad of techniques, including art bookbinding – a constant challenge and source of great creative enjoyment.

Wendy Wright is an Adelaide Hills based artist working in printmaking and watercolour. Her art is often informed by the natural world, so beautiful and complex. 

 She draws inspiration from nature and concerns for ecological issues, and likes to make work that draws attention to protecting our fragile environment.