19 January - 11 February



an exhibition of artworks in various media by members of the
Red House Group Inc

It is always challenging to create an exhibition title that is interesting for artists, but not limiting in its scope. ‘Quintessence’ was chosen to encourage Red House Group artists to showcase their best work - the ‘essence’ of who they are as an artist. The subject matter is their personal choice.

This is a whole gallery exhibition, and features artwork in various media by members of the Red House Group Inc., a not for profit, artist managed organisation that was initiated in the early 1990’s.

Members work in a wide variety of styles; as well as paintings in oil, watercolour & acrylic; there is photography, mixed media and textiles. 3D work showcases terracotta, glass, sculpture and jewellery.  Approximately eighty artists are showing their artwork.

This is a high quality exhibition. The ‘quintessence’ of something is the most perfect or typical example of it.  It is also described as “the aspect of something regarded as the intrinsic and central constituent of its character”.

Over 1,560 artists have joined the group since its inception, with approximately 300 artists maintaining current membership in any given year. The group manages Gallery M on behalf of the City of Marion.

New members are always welcome. For information about becoming involved with the Red House Group, talk to Gallery M staff.