Red House group exhibitions

Each year, the Red House Group holds several exhibitions for members in Gallery M, and sometimes at another venue.

Entry for members is $10 per artwork, usually a limitation of one piece per person.  Limits apply to the number of works on display, so members are encouraged to submit their entry forms as soon as possible.


2018 Red House Group member exhibitions

19 January - 11 February



This exhibition will showcase your best work - the 'essence' of who you are as an artist. Work should be in your favourite medium and in your preferred style.

To download an entry form click here

18 May - 10 June


'Text Me'

An exhibition of artworks in all media which includes an element of text.
Text may be handwritten, signage, newsprint etc. It can be in any language or character but does not include your signature.

To download an entry form click here

7 - 30 September


'Plus One'

This exhibition will not only feature members' artwork (in any media), but will also include the artwork of a junior artists (16 or under) adjacent to the member artwork. They can be a family member, relative, or any child with whom you have an artistic connection.

To download an entry form click here