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15 June - 8 July


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The Same But Different

Drawings, prints & paintings by
Simon Kneebone, John Martin & Peter Wallfried

These three experienced artists and work in a traditional way with their work based on representation of the world around us. The exhibition consists of painting by Peter Wallfried, etchings and lino prints by John Martin and drawings/watercolours by Simon Kneebone

Peter Wallfried’s paintings include downtown street scenes, cars with dazzling headlights, parks and churches - capturing the unique nature that light takes on under the haze of darkness.

John Martin says etching is his first choice of printing processes as it is the one form of printmaking that allows him to continue to explore and hone his drawing skills.

Simon Kneebone’s ink and watercolour sketches capture some of those glimpses of landscape and life that catch our eye for a second glance.

Double Vision

photography & paintings by
Eddie Knuepffer & Doriano Lopresto

These two artists bring together their shared love of the colour and movement of everyday life.

Eddie Knuepffer photographs have been drawn upon his experiences overseas and his love for the Australian scenery and its culture. Eddie is a Fellow of the RSASA.

Doriano Lopresto’s paintings are an eclectic collection of personally relevant observations that show an ongoing attempt to capture various nuances of the colour of life. Some of his works are influenced by his travels overseas and his observations of people in candid moments.

18 May - 10 June


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Kumangka - together, in one, in company

Artworks in various media, celebrating and showcasing local artists during Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation is about unity and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous Australians. National Reconciliation Week was first celebrated in 1996, and runs each year from May – June, with the key dates being 27 May: Anniversary of the 1967 referendum, and 3 June: Mabo Day – Anniversary of the High Court judgment on the Mabo case.

A feature of this exhibition will be an installation consisting of branches and hand painted gum leaves created by artist Daphne Rickett. Visitors to the gallery will also be able to add to the installation with their own hand painted art leaves, or their reconciliation message.

This exhibition is a City of Marion Cultural Development project.

Text Me

Artworks in various media, featuring an element of text by members of the
Red House Group Inc

The theme for this exhibition relates to the title ‘Text Me’ – all the artwork must include an element of text.  Text may be handwritten, signage, newsprint etc. in any language or character (but not just a signature).  Approximately 55 artists are showing their artwork.

Members work in a wide variety of styles; as well as paintings in oil, watercolour & acrylic; there is photography, mixed media and textiles. 3D work showcases mosaics, glass & ceramics, sculpture, porcelain painting and jewellery. 

Over 1,580 artists have joined the group since its inception, with approximately 300 artists maintaining current membership in any given year.

The group manages Gallery M on behalf of the City of Marion.

20 April - 13 May


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Colour Streams

An exhibition of textile artworks by
Bev Bills, Gem Congdon, Margaret Harris, Jackie Pearce,
Charmain Quintrell, Lynne Radcliffe, Liz Steveson, Kaaren Temme, Yvonne Twining & Vicki Waller

The focus for this exhibition is COLOUR. These talented textile artists have created a vibrant display of wall hangings, mixed media works, and art to wear. Though they work independently, the artists exhibit together to use their diversity of expertise to explore common themes.

The artists come from different backgrounds, and work with a variety of techniques. Bev and Margaret are weavers. Charmian is a felter. Gem enjoys basketry as well as fabric and textiles. Vikki and Liz Steveson make textile and mixed media wall hangings. Yvonne is a leatherworker. Kaaren and Jackie share an interest in machine embroidery. Lynne is known for her art journal, the resource that informs her mixed media pieces.

Rita Broadway Retrospective

An exhibition to honour the London born, South Australian artist
Rita Broadway
(1948 - 2015)

The exhibition surveys Rita’s extraordinary artistic output and her truly unique vision. Rita’s work includes woodcuts, etchings, drawings and paintings in various media as well as sculpture in clay and stone. All of these were used to express her struggles, joys, passions and humour. Struggling with mental health issues for much of her life, Rita’s work is a testament to her strength, courage and faith.

A coronial inquest into Rita’s tragic death in 2015 heard her calls for medical assistance went unmet, and that she died alone and in pain two days after she was discharged from an Adelaide hospital emergency department.

In a strange twist, a series of images in this exhibition focus on the unfortunate death of a vulnerable homeless man in Adelaide’s parklands.

16 March - 15 April


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Retrospective x4

An exhibition of artworks in various media by
Alison Brown - 'Interpretive Journeys'
Philip David - 'Les Gens de la Terre'
Pamela Illert -
'Retro et Ante'
Stephen Skillitzi -
"Back to the Future'

Alison Brown simplifies the shapes of the landscape, moulds the forms, and romanticises the colour using glazes. In her mixed media work, the torn edge of watercolour paper provides a character of its own. Layers of torn paper combined with other specialty papers, create a rich surface on which to layer colours. This combination of medium allows her to achieve something of the richness of the textures found in the landscape.

Philip David has always enjoyed creating the human figure in the environment, either as abstract or realist, and over the course of time has gained through experimentation with differing styles, textures and various mediums the joy of the human figure with all its varieties and complexities.

Pamela Illert’s methodology is to focus on particular thoughts or concerns and slowly allow these to flow into more intuitive areas. This results in complex and abstract works which allow viewers broad ranges of possible interpretations. All such works refer to and seek to move beyond established art historical and contemporary theoretical contexts.

Stephen Skillitzi delights in challenging the status quo on many levels, with his unorthodox usage of media and technique, and his contemporary but quirky concepts for ‘the Art message’. Stephen is widely recognized for his defiance of conventional practice and is one of Australia’s most influential glass artists.

16 February - 11 March


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Natural Fabrications

An exhibition of textiles and jewellery by
Pen Morrison, Rob Morrison, Jenni Simpson and Niki Waterhouse

This exhibition of predominantly textile works features interpretations of the natural world.

Three of the artists have used traditional and modern needlework and quilting techniques to showcase some of the varied forms and diverse nature of living things.

Rob Morrison’s jewellery is made from naturally occurring materials such as gemstones, pearl shell and Casuarina fruiting ‘cones’. Some pieces feature textile-like finishes while others embody forms from nature.

Vulkathunha - Interpretation of Place

Artworks in various media relating to Grindells Hut residencies
Kathryn Hill, Ray Meandering, Barbara Palmer and Robyn Zerna-Russell

These four artists are all recipients of the Grindell’s Hut Artist Residency programme, which supports artists to live at Grindell’s Hut, about 250 kilometres north of Port Augusta. Situated in the heart of the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park the small hut with a dark history offers views over the valleys and foothills of the Illinawortina Pound and the Blue Range.

For Gallery M, the artists have selected several pieces of work which feature their unique visual response to the beautiful, dynamic, and rugged landscape they encountered.

19 January - 11 February


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artworks in various media by members of theRed House Group Inc

‘Quintessence’  features the work of approximately 80 Red House members. Formed in the early 1990’s with support from the City of Marion, the group continues to support artists at all levels. Since 1994 over 1570 artists have become involved, with many still maintaining their membership since those early days.

The title was chosen to encourage Red House Group artists to showcase their best work - the ‘essence’ of who they are as an artist. The subject matter is their personal choice. The ‘quintessence’ of something is the most perfect or typical example of it. It is also described as "the aspect of something regarded as the intrinsic and central constituent of its character".