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27 November 2017 - 5 January 2018


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16th Annual City of Marion
Community Art Exhibition

an exhibition of artwork in various by
residents of the City of Marion

It’s that time of the year again, when Marion’s artistic community get the opportunity to showcase their talents in the 16th Annual City of Marion Community Art Exhibition. There has been an exhibition each year since the Marion Cultural Centre opened in 2001.

This exhibition has become a much anticipated event for all the creative residents of the Marion Council area, and approximately 130 participants will be displaying their work. They range from junior artists, hobbyists and ‘weekend dabblers’ through to professional practitioners.

The event is fully supported by the City of Marion, with no fee for the artists to enter. In addition, at the official launch, the Mayor of Marion will present an award for the ‘Most Outstanding Artwork’, as well as several ‘Merit Awards’.

A ‘People’s Choice’ award is won at the close of the exhibition.

27 October - 17 November2017


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Burst of Colour

an exhibition of porcelain by
Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers SA Inc 
&paintings in various media by
Trevor Newman and selected students

This exhibition is a clever combination of 2D and 3D artwork, painted by artists working at a very high standard.

The paintings are by well-known artist and teacher Trevor Newman, along with work by some of his students. The hand painted porcelain in a range of decorative styles has been created by members of the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers (SA) Inc. (APAT) and the South Australian China Painter’s Association. (SACPA).

South Australia Fabricated

artworks focusing on textile interpretations of South Australia by The Textilers

The "Textilers" are a group of artists with a passion for textile and fibre arts, who met whilst studying at Marden Senior College in 2012 and 2013. The group continues to meet and exhibit together.

The concept for ‘SA Fabricated’ was to depict a personal response to South Australia using textiles, and those responses have included the celebration of nature, people, landmarks and travel.

29 September - 22 October 2017


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contemporary artworks in various media by the Plaits Group
Kathryn Hill, Helen Dorsman, Jann Makepeace,
Sandra Tredwell & Elizabeth Yates

These five artists share an interest in contemporary approaches to art making, and use various methods and materials in their explorations. For this exhibition they have brought form to concepts and visions as their response to the theme RAFT.

Their work is underpinned by the diversity of practice which they each bring to the group, and, as the name PLAITS implies, each piece comes together to form a cohesive and harmonious whole that is the ‘RAFT’ exhibition.

A Touch of Red

artworks in various media by members of the
Red House Group Inc

This half gallery exhibition features artwork in various media by members of the Red House Group Inc. The only requirement for the exhibitors was that all works must have "a touch of red", with the subject matter being of their personal choice.

Sixty six artists are showing their artwork, which includes a range of media in both 2D (hanging) and 3D. As well as paintings in oil, watercolour & acrylic; there is photography, mixed media and textiles. 3D work showcases terracotta, glass, sculpture and jewellery.

1 - 24 September 2017


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Dare to Differ 2017

an exhibition of contemporary quilts presented by
Quilters' Guild of South Australia Inc
& Brother International (Aust)

This exhibition features a juried selection of contemporary art quilts from textile artists all around Australia.

The aim is to present the transformation in contemporary quilting by extending the limits of art textiles, quilt making and the courage to "dare to differ".

The exhibition was open to all quilt makers within Australia. By opening entries to interstate contemporary quilt makers, South Australian quilt makers and the general public get the opportunity to view a very high standard exhibition of contemporary art quilts.

A definition of a quilt for this exhibition is that it must be predominantly fibre, and be composed of a least two distinct layers, stitched together throughout the quilt. It must be innovative, original and of course meet the criteria of the title "Dare to Differ".

The Quilters’ Guild was formed in 1984 and has grown to encompass over 500 individual Guild members with over 100 city and country groups now affiliated with the Guild.

The exhibition is sponsored by Brother International (Aust).

4 - 27 August2017


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Gallery M
Open Contemporary Art Prize 2017

an exhibition of selected finalist artworks in various media,
with over $5,000 in prizes

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7 - 30 July 2017


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The 5th exhibition by members of the
Friends of the South Australian School of Art
celebrating 10 years of the FSASA and the artistic endeavours of it's members

‘Journeys’ is the 5th Exhibition of Members of the Friends of the SA School of Art (FSASA), and celebrates 10 years of FSASA and the artistic endeavours of its members.

The ‘Friends’ have been in existence since 2008. They comprise of past and current lecturers, past and current students and art lovers in general who wish to support the South Australian School of Art (SASA) which is the oldest art school in Australia. It has gone through many transformations to its current position within UNISA, with the SASA Gallery its namesake.

The Friends support their members through a biennial art exhibition. This exhibition celebrates the FSASA journey, and the individual journeys of its members. It is an eclectic exhibition of paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media from talented artists.


  • $1,000 - First Prize for Excellence, donated by Brenton Craggs, Ray White Real Estate, Belair
    Winner: 'Innanae 1', brass sculpture by Max Lyle
  • $250 - 2nd Prize, donated by Duthy Street Art Supplies, Unley
    Winner: 'Unfolded', photographic installation by Rebekah Cole
  • $100 - 3rd Prize, donated by Port Art Supplies, Port Adelaide
    Winner: 'Down the Rabbit Hole', oil on canvas by Nicola Semmens

9 June - 2 July 2017


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Proudly Pastel

artworks in by members of the
Pastel Artists of South Australia (PASA)

PASA is excited about this ‘Proudly Pastel’ exhibition at Gallery M, which showcases 75 diverse and varied paintings from 33 members of Pastel Artists of South Australia.

The allure of pastels is what seduces members of PASA to relish the joy of creating artworks using pure pigments on their fingertips, allowing the colours to dance and meld on their painting surfaces.

Members come together as a way to discover the joy of creating – whether it’s through attending meetings, participating in exciting exhibition opportunities, or even trips away to various locations to experience workshops with fabulous tutors.

‘Proudly Pastel’ includes artwork by recent award winning artists Roe Gartelmann, Margaret McEntee and Fay Jeanes. Glenda Parker and David Chalmers are among several artists who paint beautiful Finders Ranges scenes.

Animal lovers will enjoy amazing wildlife paintings by Kerryn Hocking, Deb Farrimond, Jill Hansberry and others. If contemporary paintings are more to your liking, Lyle Dayman’s artwork will give you that.

The exhibition has a great selection of work that displays the variety and versatility of pastel as well as different styles.

12 May - 4 June 2017


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an exhibition showcasing historical information and contemporary Aboriginal art to celebrate the 1967 Referendum Anniversary

This exhibition displays the History SA's travelling display “Vote Yes” focusing on the 'Yes' campaign, which succeeded in 1967 in changing the Australian constitution and is remembered as the moment when Indigenous Australians achieved citizenship in their own land. It remembers the people who came together and worked for the 'Yes' vote, and South Australia's contribution.

Local contemporary Aboriginal artists include Daphne Rickett, Johny Wilson, Elizabeth Close, Sam Gollem and Jacinta Dixon.  A City of Marion Cultural Development Project for National Reconciliation Week.

Squared Up

artworks in various media by members of the
Red House Group Inc

The only requirement for the exhibitors in this exhibition was that all works must be square in format, with the subject matter being of their personal choice. The reason all the work has to be square is so that it can be photographed and used in a fundraising calendar Gallery M is producing for 2018 which will be available later in 2017.

There is a wide variety of styles and media including paintings in oil, watercolour & acrylic; as well as photography, mixed media and tapestry. 3D work showcases ceramics, porcelain, glass, textiles, timber, mosaics, and jewellery.

7 April - 7 May 2017


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Terra Mater

contemporary  artworks by
Terry MacDermot & Kate O'Reilly

At the heart of these artists’ work is a question about the ways in which we live harmoniously in the world.

Terry MacDermot and Kate O’Reilly have many similarities, and differences. Stylistically both artists are greatly influenced by abstract expressionism, and use bold gestural mark making and brushstrokes.

Kate’s work possesses a more vivid translucent colour palette, whilst Terry’s leans towards more limited muted natural colours with a deep earthy warmth.

Hanging Out

artworks in various media by
Carolyn Griffiths, Merilynn Highet, Natalie Lewcock,
Ann Lindsay, Rae Nation, Regina Parker & Susan Peter

These artists were all founding members of "Off the Slate Gallery", a co-operative Gallery in Willunga. When the Gallery was set up in 2005, all these ladies were partly responsible for the hanging of work and 3D display for every exhibition.

After meeting for lunch every second month for the past 2 years, they decided to prepare another collection of work to hang together. This time the venue is changed, but the depth of diversity in media and subjects will be the same.

10 March - 2 April2017


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Anything But Landscapes

paintings by
Betty Anderson

Betty started painting in the mid 1960’s, and found that painting for short periods helped her through various difficulties over the years. She never considered pursuing art seriously until 2008 when this time, persevered. She quickly realised that landscapes were not her forte so concentrated on flowers, still life, flora and fauna, and then portraiture.

Splendour of Woman

contemporary paintings by
Shahin Azadegan

Shahin grew up in Iran, and is an experienced painter of traditional Persian Miniatures. She migrated to Australia in 1999, and continued her art studies. This series of new paintings illustrates gorgeous women clothed in the midst of nature. She is illustrating the interlinked relationship naturally existing between woman and mother nature.

Made in South Africa

black & white artworks by
Carolyn Glynn
story-telling her immigration journey to Australia

Carolyn’s striking artworks explore the complex relationship bewteen her birth country South Africa, and adopted country, Australia. Using the simple but expressive medium of black ink on paper, she incorporates all the cultural, historical and personal memories experienced over the years of immigration, expressing her story from a deep soulful need.

Frank Koch Retrospective 1877 - 1955

watercolour paintings of iconic local Adelaide scenes and landmarks circa World War II, by
Frank Koch
(best known as a satirical cartoonist in the early 1900's

Koch’s paintings of iconic local scenes and landmarks are snapshots of working-class Adelaide circa World War II. Many of the locations in his paintings are still recognizable in the present-day. Collectively, Koch has produced a stunning historical and cultural record of Adelaide and surrounding areas.

10 February - 5 March2017


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an exhibition of large works by members of the
Handspinners & Weavers Guild of SA Inc

This exhibition features large scale works that are often not displayed, due to their size and weight. Works include large rugs, woven and felted tapestries of a pictorial nature, and decorative felted work.

There will also be large quilts that have been hand woven, and feature indigo dyeing.

The members exhibiting in ‘X.L’ are - Bev Bills, Karina Irvine, Maria Korps, Jan Lowe, Janet Maughan, Pat Michell, Sandra Tredwell, Katharina Urban, Helen Vonow & Elly Webb.

The Handspinners & Weavers Guild of SA was founded in 1963, and celebrated 50 years in 2013. The guild boasts of its many experienced and talented members who explore and create exciting works in various fibrous mediums

Art of Respect

aerosol artworks by local enthusiasts of aerosol art
and culture

The Art of Respect program aims to foster respect between the community and young artists, recognising aerosol art as a valid artistic medium.

The Art of Respect engages young people who have much to express, but few opportunities to get their message heard. Professional aerosol artists ran a series of workshops with aerosol enthusiasts, with each creating an artwork on canvas. This is the 12th round of the Art of Respect program.

 13 January - 5 February 2017


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Ian Willding Retrospective

a showcase of paintings from recent years by
Ian Willding (1954 - 2016)

Ian had a very special connection with Gallery M, that originated in the early 1990’s when he first became involved with the Red House Group. He was a key member of the exhibition team, and helped in all aspects of the operation of the gallery.

Ian was proud of his indigenous background and acknowledged a growing awareness of the depth of his heritage. He has exhibited widely throughout South Australia, won numerous awards, and has been showcased in international publications.

Works will include some early paintings from private collections, as well as studio work that has not been on display before.

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artwork in various media by members of the
Red House Group Inc

This exhibition features artwork by approximately 60 artists, in a range of media. It is hoped that the work will represent an artistic journey; it does not have to represent a real journey.

The Red House Group is a not for profit artist managed organization that was established in 1994, and since then more than 1,500 artists have joined. The Group proudly manages Gallery M on behalf of the City of Marion.

Red House member exhibitions are always of high quality, with imaginative responses to the given themes.