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27 November 2016 - 6 January 2017


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15th Annual City of Marion
Community Art Exhibition

artwork in various media by residents of the City of Marion

This exhibition has become a much anticipated event for all the creative residents of the Marion Council area, with approximately 120 participants displaying their work this year. They range from junior artists, hobbyists and ‘weekend dabblers’ through to professional practitioners.

Artwork in all media was featured, including paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, photography, textiles, mosaics, glass and basketry, with most of the artwork for sale at very affordable prices.

The event is fully supported each year by the City of Marion, with no fee for the artists to enter. In addition, on launch day, the Mayor of Marion presents an award for the ‘Most Outstanding Artwork’, as well as several ‘Merit Awards’. A ‘People’s Choice’ award is given at the end of the exhibition.

If you are a resident of the City of Marion and would like to be advised when the next Annual Community exhibition for 2017 is being organised, please email Gallery M at

28 October - 18 November 2016


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Continental Drift

contemporary artwork by
Harekrishna Bag, Loka Nithi Bag, Vijay Kowshik,
Eileen Lubiana, Alison Main, Alan Ramachandran
& Ian Willding

This exhibition brings together the works of seven contemporary artists who have come from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds. Each has a well established career based on their professional arts practice.

Husband and wife Harekrishna Bag and Loka Nithi Bag came to Adelaide from Bengal, India in 1992. Harekrishna was the Head of Printmaking at Rabindra Bharathi University, and completed his Master of Arts Degree at UniSA. Loka, who has a Phd in Early Indian Art, paints finely detailed depictions of life, with colour built up using layers of fine brush strokes.

Vijay Kowshik is an Indian artist who has sent his work to South Australia for this exhibition. Currently he is Secretary of the Rasaja Foundation, & General Secretary-Arts Glacerhi, Delhi.

Eileen Lubiana is a Visual Artist living and working on the South Coast of South Australia. She is a graduate of Adelaide Central School of Art and has exhibited in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Alison Main was was a Sydney architect, but for thirty years she has been an Adelaide painter. Paper/junk sculptures are her secret vice. She works in a variety of 2D and 3D media, including pastels and paint.

Alan Ramachandran is Singapore born artist who moved to Adelaide in 2007. An award winning water colourist, he is captivated by the streetscapes and landscapes of Adelaide and Australia. He uses vibrant seasonal colours to generate deep and dark shadows in summer and cool blue skies in winter

Ian Willding Ian is a well-known Australian painter, working in a unique abstract style. He was born in Forbes, New South Wales, and moved to Adelaide in 1989. Ian was proud of his indigenous background and used his artwork to explore the depth of his heritage. Sadly, Ian passed away in August this year. 

30 September - 23 October 2016


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Far  Far

contemporary paintings and photography
by German artist Fabian Freese

This is a truly international exhibition coming to Gallery M, featuring the art of German artist Fabian Freese. His works include contemporary minimalist paintings, ‘lightpainting photography’ and mixed media.

Fabian is also travelling to Adelaide for the launch of his exhibition. "I think it’s very important to communicate and network with other artists about their works and also speak about my own work" he says.

Freese studied visual Arts in Essen, Germany, and graduated in 2011. Since then his artworks have been exhibited in countries across Europe, America and Asia. Earlier this year he had an exhibition in Manhattan, New York; and was represented in Art Fairs in Germany, England and Spain.

a light in the dark

artwork in various media by artists associated with Grow(SA)

This year’s exhibition from the Grow Program features the work of approximately 15 artists working in a variety of media. Their experience ranges from semi-professional to amateur, and they are celebrating their journey of hope and personal growth - a light in the dark times - through creativity and self-expression.

Grow is a peer supported National Organisation and provides a program for growth and personal development to people with mental illness and those people experiencing difficulty in coping with life’s challenges. The Grow Program is designed for people to take back control of their lives, overcome obstacles and start living a life full of meaning, hope and optimism.

Many people who suffer from mental illness and emotional health challenges often isolate themselves from the people around them, and may become disconnected from society at large. This isolation can take the form of shutting down all spontaneity and limiting self-expression.

Art can help turn this around – it can be both a forum and a catalyst. Creation of art and art pieces can break down barriers to self expression, and often there emerges a personal description of this journey, in a form that is meaningful to its creator. This description may contain important sign posts that help lead one further away from the dark years of past disconnection. These signposts once recognised can help point one towards the light of life, love and happiness.

2 - 25 September 2016


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Largely Miniature

artwork in various media by members of the
Marion Art Group

The Marion Art Group was formed in 1978, and in the ensuing years has become a well known and respected group of artists producing high standard works. The group originated when local artists formed a group to paint and exhibit together. After meeting in the old Warradale Institute for ten years, the group moved to the Marino Community Hall, where members still meet and paint on Mondays.  Members work on their own projects using their chosen medium.

 Marion Art Group is a non-profit, self supporting organisation with a large membership. The group exhibits at local venues through the year, and raises funds for charities by raffling a member’s donated painting at each exhibition. Over the years, many thousands of dollars have been donated to various charities. 

While not a teaching group, well known artists are regularly invited to demonstrate or conduct workshops. Optional portraiture and still life groups are held monthly. After nearly forty years the group is still committed to fostering an active interest in painting for people of all ages – in the Marion community and further afield. Prospective new members are always welcome.

Fractured Dawn

artworks by Janette Humble

Janette is inspired by the colours of our Australian bush land - their dazzling brilliance and their striking contrasts. She loves the bright blues, the orange reds, pinks and yellows set against a backdrop of a myriad of greens.

The title ‘Fractured Dawn’ is partly found in the literal lighting of each piece and partly through the natural cycle of the Australian bush. Though not every piece is a dawn landscape, Janette is showing the subtle changes between one dawn and another, the stillness, the wildlife, the raw beauty and the fierce bloom of colour, all of which demonstrate the fractured and fragile state of our native Australian bush.

Working in an abstracted or impressionistic style, Janette hopes to evoke in the viewer the knowledge that every dawn, every awakening, every new day is different from the last and is, in a sense, fractured from our perceptions and assumptions of the day just gone.

OUT 'n' South Australia

selected artworks, retrospectively from the last 40 years, by
Dean Ormond  -  Dip T. (Fine Art) BA Fine Art

This exhibition features a selection of works that have been inspired by several areas of South Australia, and have been created in multi media. They come from various series including ‘Terowie & Booborowie Plain’, ‘the Fleurieu Peninsula’, ‘Adelaide & the Port’, and ‘the Barossa’.

Dean was trained as an artist and Art Teacher in the late 1960’s at the South Australian School of Art, and has also been a Painting Lecturer at TAFE.

He describes himself as basically a landscape painter, working mainly in acrylics, although he has also dabbled with printmaking, photography, ceramics and collage. Dean specializes in South Australian landscapes with old buildings, a subject that he still finds inspiring after 40 years! 

Over the years he has won numerous awards, and his work can also be seen in many private collections around Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore

5 - 28 August 2016


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Gallery M Open Contemporary Prize 2016

an exhibition of selected finalists' artwork in various media,
with $4,500 in prizes