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Denise Averay

Denise is  passionate about creating vibrant, bold, and beautiful textiles and papers full of colour, texture, pattern, depth and complexity. My favourite techniques include Shibori, the Japanese art of shaped resist dyeing; printing using handmade stamps, stencils and found objects, and digital image manipulation and image creation.

Michelle Driver

Michelle Driver is an artist who has chosen woven tapestry as a means to express her ideas to the world. In her true, non-conventional style however, she takes a historically rich mastercraft and twists it to create non-conformist, thought-provoking pieces

Liza Merkalova

Liza Merkalova's work is very Russian, with stylistic and expressive elements of late 19th century nationalist painters that explored a folk/religious art tradition, and spinning a reflective fusion with the work of the Europeans

Ash Starkey

Ash Starkey is an award winning digital filmmaker based in South Australia, producing independent and commissioned works that have been screened around the world in cinemas and on commercial television

Lorraine Zabrowarny

Lorraine Zabrowarny is a South Australian Glass Artist living in Adelaide who creates a wide range of fused glass jewellery and household items including plates, bowls, coasters, and cheese and pate knives